Look no further than IPVanish.  Check this out:

Last week, Lifehacker asked it’s readers to share their favorite VPN services by considering the following: performance, anonymity protection, non-discriminatory against  protocol or traffic, pricing, and servers.  Everyone needs a VPN service they can trust, one that is not only reliable but also affordable while providing benefits like blocking unwanted marketing, protecting your online identity and data, and surpassing censorship blocks.

IPVanish meets all of the above requirements, and you can read a few comments from our happy customers here. For as low as $6.49/month you will get free VPN software and your choice of 14,000+ IPs on 110+ servers in 47 countries, and more!

Some of the things Lifehacker had to say about IPVanish:

They use shared IP addresses, so when they say no one has any idea what you’re doing when you’re connected, they mean it.

They feature multiple connection protocols, don’t discriminate against traffic types or port usage, and don’t log a thing. 

IPVanish earned high praise in the call for contenders thread for its speed while connected.




Read the complete write-up at Five Best VPN Service Providers – Lifehacker to make an educated decision about the best VPN for you.