To encapsulate the life of one of America’s most treasured pop culture figures in a series of video clips is impossible. He was our Genie. He was (Oh, Captain) Our Captain. He was our dream nanny as Mrs. Doubtfire and our fabulous gad dad as Armand Goldman. But before any of those iconic screen roles, Robin Williams, who died Monday, was a comedian. And thanks to the internet, we can at least cull together a thoughtful retrospective for someone who gave the world everything he had. From improvising his way around the stage of The Dick Cavett Show in 1979 to his fifth and final HBO standup special Weapons of Self Destruction in 2010 and everything else that happened across his 40-year career, Robin Williams lived to make people laugh and bring them joy. So put on your favorite loose-fitting button down shirt and join us on a journey through the television highlights of Mr. Williams. He was a raw and offensive stand-up comic, a TV star, a terrifyingly quick improviser, a roast-master, a late-night host’s dream come true, and a beloved friend, father, and performer. Here’s to his too-short 63 years.

Here’s a taste:

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