This week’s Top 10 Weird News Headlines

A 40-year old fetus found in the body of an 82-year old woman – Telegraph 

An X-ray showing the calcified fetus











Alien Autopsy in Russia? – Huffington Post 

Couple uses Baby Stroller Containing Child to Steal Vodka – Miami Herald

Newlyweds Commit Murder then Go Out for Dinner – Reuters 

Thief Caught on Camera Twerking Before Robbery (watch below) – The Blaze 

Unicorns Listed ‘for sale’ on Craigslist –

TSA takes Stuffed Monkey’s Toy Gun – U.S. News

Instagram Page Leads to 142 Felony Counts – Huffington Post 

Teenagers Drinking Hand Sanitizer –

Bullet Bounces off of Man’s Head –