Nerdist News’ Top 5 Morning After Movies

Maybe you’re just rolling out of bed still wearing the green you displayed yesterday for the St. Patrick’s Day drinking event.  Or you’ve been up a few times for bathroom runs and now you’re drying out on the couch. Either way it’s the afternoon of the “day after” and Nerdist News has provided their favorite morning/day after movies and moments.

  1. The Night Before – Lost in the ’80’s teen movie craze, very young Keanu Reeves tries to retrace his steps after an epic night of drinking in LA’s South Central.  Keanu performs a dance number in this movie along with trying to remember what happened when he was on a date to the prom and things went crazy.
  2. The Hangover – This is a no-brainer as everyone’s used or at least heard the term “wolfpack” and has some love for Zach Galifianakis.  Nerdist News although disappointed by the sequel still holds hope that The Hangover III will close out the trilogy in epic original Hangover fashion.
  3. Sixteen Candles – This John Hughes classic is a must-see for everyone that’s been sixteen. Molly Ringwald’s birthday is forgotten by her family and experiences the most embarrassing moments in a teenager’s life.  Nerdist News loves that pretty and popular Caroline Mulford played by Haviland Morris finds love in The Geek of the movie, Anthony Michael Hall.
  4. Die Hard With a Vengeance – John McClane’s medal worthy hangover qualifies this movie as a top 5 “morning after.”  Not only does he have a hefty hangover but he’s stripped down and shoved onto a street in Harlem.
  5. Dude Where’s My Car? – Ashton Kutcher’s vacant, puzzled look is at it’s best in this movie as him and Sean William Scott go on an adventure to find the car they lost in a binge that stold their memory.  Nerdist News holds this movie fondly as a stoner movie we can all fall asleep to.

Courtesy of Nerdist News.