Battery Life Video – A Scientific Accident that May Change the World

Below is a video that went viral earlier this week and describes a potential energy storage device: a high capacity battery that offers the hope of super-fast charging everything from smartphones to electric cars.  The video is not breaking news as it’s a year old, but the promise of this new technology is exciting and new.  Brian Golden Davis, $200,000 GE FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition finalist, created it and it’s become popular recently due to Upworthy:

According to an article at ReWire, the research team at UCLA has found a way to make the process of pure carbon highly efficient energy storage for mass production. They created sheets of a simple carbon polymer called Graphene, a single atom thick and found out it holds an alarming amount of charge without any further modification.  Late Tuesday, UCLA announced that researchers, El-Kady and Kaner have a new article in press, in the upcoming issue of Nature Communications, describing a method by which El-Kady’s earlier, slightly homebrewed fabricating process shown in the video can be made more efficient, raising the possibility of mass production. The team is claiming energy density comparable to think-film lithium ion batteries and is looking for industry partners to make the graphene supercapacitors on an industrial scale.