Dr. Tran is the main character in a series of short animated films by Lone Sausage Productions

In today’s daily email from Nerdist News was this image:

Dr. Tran







with the caption¬†“Random strangers interrupting your life? Learn to deal with it like Dr. Tran.” ¬†Clicking on the link brings you to the Dr. Tran Nerdist News channel on YouTube featuring almost more absurd hilarity than one can handle. The channel includes 14 Dr. Tran animated shorts all done by Lone Sausage Productions. The first in the series is “Here Comes Dr. Tran” and introduces the audience to the five year-old Asian main character who is trying to finish his breakfast while being confronted by an overbearing voice-over announcing his action hero/film star/doctor status.

To give you an idea as to the kind of series Dr. Tran is; characters include:

  • Leland the Cough Drop – lives with Grandma Norman and runs a store called “Tits”
  • Grandma Norman – obsessed with taking off her shirt and getting killed by Greg Kinnear
  • Hotel Soap – eats cocaine and yells the phrase “Everything is fuckin’ wonderful”
  • Shave Ice Babies – creatures resembling snow cones that follow Hotel Soap around like groupies