The Cyber Slacker Catch-Up

  • If Superheroes Had Product Sponsors

We’ve all seen product placement in movies. Movies such as Skyfall, Taken 2, Paranormal Activity, The Twilight Saga, Ted, and Argo that were in theaters in 2012-featured brands from Apple to Adidas, Coke Zero to Xbox, and Toyota to KFC.

Superhero movies aren’t exempt from product placements either; The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spiderman featured Doritos, Ben & Jerry’s, Greyhound, Budweiser and many more.  Seeing a product placed in a scene here and there doesn’t bother most movie buffs, but what if it was taken to a whole new level and brands started sponsoring Superheroes?  Thanks to Roberto Vergati Santos – Sponsored Heroes we can catch a glimpse of just that:

sponsored superheroes

 Hulk and Monster Drink



  • One Direction Takes One for the Team – a shoe that is.

A One Direction fan threw her shoe on stage during a concert in Glasgow, Scotland, on Tuesday, hitting band member Harry Styles in the groin.  In honor of that, here is an awesome gif of Captain America doing the same thing but with mad shoe flinging skillz.

  •  Bringing back the essence of 80’s video games is 8-bit Imgur – 13 Favorite Movies in 8-bit:

  • Replace guns with thumbs and you have Thumbs& Ammo