Soon we’ll surely be harnessing the power to control our environment with just the blink of an eye. But in the meantime, what if you could talk to your home? And it could talk back?

Homey, a voice controlled home automation system, could make it easier for users to get home and relax as it closes the blinds, turns down the lights and cues up a movie all at your command. Its founders hope to introduce a system that does not directly require the use of an app. You simply get home, tell Homey what to do and sit back. The device even talks to back to you in a

The device works off eight radio modules—including ZigBee, Bluetooth 4.0 and Z-Wave—all corresponding to a Raspberry Pi Computer Module. Despite making changes with only the sound of a voice, Homey still uses a main app to sync itself with the gadgets in your home. The app, compatible with both Android and iOS, also makes it possible for users to give Homey commands even when away from home.

A number of apps within Homey’s app store help users configure their devices to the gadget. If you’re using older devices that Homey doesn’t quite recognize, the team explains that you can modify this. By using the remote control for something like an older television set, you can create new interactions between Homey and a device. Users that develop their own creations canshare them in a section called “Labs.”

Source: Paste Magazine