Easynews Now Offers 1900 Days of NNTP Usenet Retention – Sign up Today!

EASYNEWS, the browser-based Usenet newsgroup provider has upgraded its NNTP Usenet retention from 1800 to a full 1900 days. That is an extra 100 days of Usenet retention at no additional cost to Easynews subscribers!

Usenet retention is the length of time that a newsgroup article post is available to subscribers.  1900 days of retention means that Easynews subscribers can access newsgroup posts that were added up to 1900 days ago, with 99% completion.



All Easynews service plans (e.g. Classic, Plus and Big Gig) come with:

  • Web-Usenet access through the Easynews web interface (available by logging into your account at http://www.easynews.com)
  • 100,000+ Newsgroups (NNTP Usenet access)
  • 1900 Days Retention
  • Rollover Gigs (unused gigs rollover to future months)
  • Loyalty Gigs (free gigs for each year of service)
  • 14 day/10 GB free trial
  • Thumbnail Previews
  • 24/365 Technical Support

The Big Gig plan provides the best value with 150GB/month, 12GB loyalty gigs, and free unlimited NNTP. If you have a web browser, you already have all the software you need to access all that Usenet newsgroups have to offer

Visit Easynews now for your 14day free trial! 

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