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Secure your Connection and your Cloud




The world’s fastest and fast growing VPN service in the world, IPVanish – has partnered with cloud storage encryption provider, Boxcryptor. When used together, these services secure your Internet connection and your cloud based files.  Making not only the data you send via the Internet encrypted but also everything that’s stored in your cloud as well.

Boxcryptor offers fast and easy encryption of your cloud based files for secure storage on all platforms and with all major cloud providers using the highest security standards.  For a limited time only all Boxcryptor visitors can try it for free or get 20% off an annual plan by using the coupon code “IPVanish” upon checkout.

The benefits of using tier-1 provider IPVanish VPN continue to grow as the company recently, within just one short month, increased its global presence by adding 10 new VPN servers, bringing its network to 7,000+ IPs on 110+ servers in 47 countries and 61 cities.

For as little as $6.49 a month, IPVanish customers get the best-valued VPN package in the world including:

  • Free IPVanish Software
  • 100% Online Identity and Data Protection
  • Direct access to the fastest VPN network worldwide
  • Unmetered VPN Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • 2 Simultaneous VPN Connections
  • 24-7 Customer Support
  • Free IPVanish VPN Android App

Visit Boxcryptor to learn more about cloud storage security, and for further information on IPVanish click here.


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Common Questions About IPVanish VPN

Common Questions About IPVanish VPN Answered…

How does the IPVanish VPN service work?
IPVanish VPN creates a secure environment for everyday web use. Before you log onto the net, you need to establish your VPN connection, which will in turn pass all of your online data (emails, instant messaging, data transfers, online banking and all online browsing) through an encrypted tunnel. This makes it so all 3rd parties, including your ISP (Internet Service Provider); no longer have ANY visibility into your traffic. Here’s an illustration of how a VPN works:

What are the benefits of using IPVanish VPN?

  • Free IPVanish VPN software
  • 100% Online Identity and Data Protection
  • Direct access to the fastest VPN Network Worldwide
  • Unmetered VPN Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP Protocols
  • 2 Simultaneous VPN Connections
  • 24-7 Customer Support

Can I watch TV shows and movies behind IPVanish VPN? 

Yes, our service works with all of the popular TV and movie websites.

Will my ISP see when I’m connected to IPVanish VPN? 

All your ISP will see is a secured and encrypted connection to one of our VPN servers. They cannot see the traffic or decipher any of your communication.

What is included with my IPVanish VPN subscription? 

  • Free Award Winning IPVanish VPN software
  • 100% Online Security
  • No Logging
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Protection
  • Hide Behind 7000+ IPs
  • 100+ servers in 44 countries.
  • OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP
  • VOIP Support
  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee


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