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NY Comic Con Hijacked Attendees Twitter Accounts

NY Comic Con Hijacked Attendees Twitter Accounts and Tweeted As Them

Photo Credit: Gary Dunaier

New York Comic Con kicked off yesterday, and so have a stream of really enthusiastic Tweets about the convention like “So much pop culture to digest! Can’t. handle. the. awesome. #NYCC,” and “I can’t get enough #NYCC!” Problem is, these messages weren’t written by the owners of these Twitter accounts, but by the convention organizers.

Poygon’s Brian Crecente says he was one of many attendees who found out after the fact that he had unwittingly given NYCC access to his Twitter account so that it could send out messages as if they were written by him.

What he and others didn’t know was that when they activated their convention badges, they were opted-in to an agreement that gave NYCC the ability to Tweet via their accounts.

Following the backlash about about the Tweets, NYCC organizers announced this morning that they had shut off the opt-in feature, saying “we were probably too enthusiastic in our messaging and eagerness to spread the good word about NYCC. We have since shut down this service completely and apologize for any perceived overstep. Please accept our apologies and have an absolutely excellent time this weekend.”

Giving access to one’s Twitter feed is a too-common permission for apps and other services, and these permissions rarely specify what level of access the third party has. For example, some apps may use access to Twitter so that they can add the accounts you follow to an address book, or allow you to cross-post Tweets between services. Others will use the access so they can actually post Tweets for you, but they are usually pre-written fill-in-the-blank types of messages like “Johnny just visited XYZ boutique…”

What concerns us about the NYCC example is both that the organizers were apparently not clear enough to attendees that they would be writing these Tweets. Furthermore, the Tweets were word so as to give the appearance of being written by the actual attendees, who may not have shared that level of enthusiasm.

It’s one thing for NYCC to Tweet that “Steve has arrived at NYCC” or something similar; it’s another to tell all of his followers that Steve “can’t get enough” when he may indeed be bored out of his mind.

Source: Consumerist

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Al-Qaeda Mocked After Seeking Suggestions on Twitter

Al-Qaeda Mocked on Twitter

A recent tweet from Al-Qaeda asking for ideas on the “development of jihadist media” set off a deluge of responses mocking the extremist group.

Terrorism expert J.M. Berger, who has more than 13,000 followers, tweeted about Al-Qaeda’s call for ideas along with the Islamic hashtag the group wanted to use. After that, the trolls took over.

Included among the hundreds of facetious tweets were ideas like, “Al-Qaeda, the movie: Dude, where’s my car bomb” and “Does this suicide belt make me look fat?”

A Buzzfeed article called “How To Successfully Ruin Al-Qaeda’s Day On Twitter” helped fuel the trolling.

Perhaps predictably, Berger has received death threats.

Source: TechNewsWorld

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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Live Has Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

When you need a good laugh, what’s better than laughing at someone else? Mean tweets posted to a celebrity’s Twitter page provides witty entertainment for viewers of  Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Each celebrity reads the mean tweet about themselves as posted by a “non-fan” or a fan who just thinks they’re funny. Because let’s face it, insults can be hilarious.  Celebrities such as Larry King, Dr. Phil, Simon Cowell, Jessica Biel and Bryan Cranston who have all been insulted via their own Twitter account are featured in this version of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.”  You’ll want to watch until the end especially if your a Breaking Bad fan, and do people who don’t like Breaking Bad even exist? If they do, we should insult them because it’s funny to insult people, obviously.

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