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How Does the Man of Steel Shave? interviews Adam and Jamie of Mythbusters, read the interview here.  Jamie and Adam also joined a few other celebrities in a Gillette YouTube series about how it is that Superman goes from shaggy to perfectly shaved in Man of Steel. Each video presents a different theory of Superman’s facial hair removal technique. After all, what on Earth could trim those super whiskers?

What did our favorite mythbusting duo suggest? Adam and Jamie guessed that that Superman either pulled out his hairs one at a time as fast as he could or he popped over to the Large Hadron Collider for a second and let the hyper-accelerated particles do a number on his face.  Watch the video below.


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The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?

We love Tim Burton around these parts, but when he was set to direct a Superman reboot film in the late ’90′s, even we were scratching our heads at every decision that came to light. Superman Lives was to be a feature film that capitalized on the sales boom around the “Death and Return of Superman” story lines in the comics. Jon Schnepp, a writer & director on Metalocalypse and director of the upcoming crowdfunded animated series Grimm Fairy Tales, became obsessed with the film, collecting any snippet of concept art he could find off the internet. His desire to see this unfinished film for the cheese-fest it surely would have been has now pushed him to make his own documentary about it. One of the most competent nerd historians we know tracking down the answers as to why Nic Cage didn’t get off the ground as Kal-El? We’re in. – Nerdist News February 5, 2013. Visit Kickstarter to back this project.

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