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June is Internet Safety Month

Internet Safety Month June 2013

Internet Safety Month is the perfect time for youth and parents to assess and improve their online safety posture. According to Pew Internet & American Life Project’s “Teens and Technology 2013 Report,” 95 percent of U.S. teens use the Internet and 93 percent have a computer or have access to one at home. Pew also found that 37 percent of teens have smartphones – a 14 percent increase from 2011. These figures give compelling reason for all families to focus on better online safety.

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a non-profit public-private partnership focused on helping all digital citizens stay safer and more secure online, is celebrating Internet Safety Month this June by encouraging all digital users to STOP. THINK. CONNECT. when accessing the Web. Summer break brings increased Internet use and NCSA advises everyone to take security measures, understand the consequences of their behavior and actions and enjoy the benefits of the Internet.

These three easy, actionable steps: STOP. THINK. CONNECT. can help everyone stay safe and secure online and enjoy the benefits of our connected world. Here are some other best practices:

▪   When in Doubt, Throw it Out: If an email, social network post or text message looks suspicious, even if you know the source, delete it.

▪   Be Web Wise: Be wary of communications that implore you to act immediately, offer something that sounds too good to be true or ask for personal information.

▪   Be a Good Online Citizen: Post only about others what you would have them post about you.

▪   Protect Your Personal Information: Secure your accounts by making passwords long, strong and unique.

▪   Connect with Care: Limit the type of business you conduct using unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots.

▪   Own Your Online Presence: Set security and privacy settings to your comfort level of sharing.

▪   Keep a Clean Machine: Keep all Internet connected devices free from infection and malware by keeping all critical software—security software, Web browsers, apps and operating systems—up to date.

Source:  PRNewswire-USNewswire via National Cyber Security Alliance

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Your Internet Service Provider is Spying on You

Protect Yourself From Internet Service Provider Spies

The “Six Strikes” anti-piracy scheme also known as a “Copyright Alert System,” launched last week, making it apparent that our ISPs are spying on us.  Although the ISP might not be sitting back and watching in real time everything we do online, what they do is too close for comfort.

An Internet service provider can read anything sent over the Internet that isn’t encrypted (by a VPN) and tracks all IP addresses contacted, meaning they know all of the websites everyone visits.

Staff Technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Dan Auerbach told PC World that your ISP is tracking “who you’re sending email to but not the content.” What ISP’s collect mostly is metadata (IP addresses and port numbers) and that information tells who you’re communicating with.

So they might not be tracking the content but it’s available to them. ISPs can see what pages on a website you’ve visited and what you wrote in an email if they want to.  There is a legal limit, for example in the United States, ISPs are only allowed to share content with the government.  However they can share your metadata with whomever they please.

Auerbach says there’s “a lot of opacity surrounding what they actually do. It’s difficult to know what a given ISP is doing with the data.”  If you’ve ever tried to read a privacy policy (which very few people do) they are rarely clear and easy to understand.  When you stop to think about the amount of time you spend online in a given day or week – that is a lot of information your ISP is collecting and retaining for about six months to two years.

Protect Yourself From Prying Eyes

The easiest and most cost effective way to protect your IP address and online data is by using a VPN. IPVanish VPN allows you to connect securely to 3500+ IPs on 90+ servers in 41 countries. When you use IPVanish   you choose an anonymous IP address from the 3500+ we offer and your real IP address is hidden so it cannot be tracked.

Once you are connected to IPVanish, all of the content that you send across the Internet will be encrypted. This means that it will only be readable by the source it is intended for.

IPVanish VPN is as low as $6.49/month for an annual program and comes with free software, step-by-step instructions, visual guides and 24-7 support. You don’t have to be a computer whiz to use IPVanish it’s simple and easy enough for anyone. Sign up today to be safe from prying eyes.

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Protect your Identity this Holiday Shopping Season

Using a VPN Service Protects your Identity When Shopping Online

With Christmas quickly approaching, consumers are busy trying to find the best deals for the items on their holiday shopping list. This means they’re constantly using their cell phone, iPad and other mobile devices to find sales and make purchases putting them at risk for identity theft.

A recent article on states “According to PayPal, there was a 193 percent increase in mobile shopping on Black Friday 2012 over last year. And that’s just the start — the number of people shopping on their phone or tablet this holiday season is only going to go up.”

The article also gives consumers safety tips for shopping online such as:

  • Don’t trust emails
  • Buy only from secure websites
  • Update your security software
  • Don’t use the same password for every website

These are excellent tips but aren’t the holidays stressful enough without worrying about online safety? Using IPVanish VPN software on your tablet or mobile phone is inexpensive, simple to install, and gives you peace of mind because unlike anti-virus and firewall software it not only protects the data on your computer, it secures the data that is transmitted over the Internet.

For as low as $6.49/month you’ll gain priceless online identity and data protection, try IPVanish VPN now so you can safely complete your holiday shopping from the comfort of your own home without the added stress of possible identity theft.


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