Fight For Your Right to Privacy

Who should care about privacy? Only people that have something to hide, right? Wrong.  That thought is a common misconception about privacy but privacy is for everyone, even you and it’s not only necessary and important it’s also a privilege.

This is demonstrated when we look at the definition of privacy from Merriam-Webster Dictionary: privacy is the quality or state of being apart from company or observation and freedom from unauthorized intrusion.  So, everyone has a right to be free from observation and intrusion; don’t you want to protect that?  That’s where Internet Privacy Laws come in.  Specifically the Electronic Communication Privacy Act (ECPA), this law plays a huge part regarding privacy as a right in a free society and it also affects the economy.

Today all of your personal and confidential information has been made electronic. Businesses have moved their sensitive data from outdated paper files to cloud storage.  Gone are the days when files upon paper files are kept in doctor’s offices, therapist’s offices, accounting offices, etc. Industry is keeping up with the times so why isn’t the law?

The ECPA hasn’t been updated since 1986! In 1986 the Beastie Boys song “(You Gotta)Fight for your Right (To Party!)” was released and I wasn’t even old enough to listen to it. There’s also an entire generation currently working in the IT field that wasn’t even born when the ECPA was created.

Outdated privacy laws harm small businesses because it makes consumers insecure about the safety of their private details. The ECPA needs to be updated to provide online customers the same legal protection they receive offline. Watch the video below from to see how much has changed from 1986 when the ECPA was created, then visit the website to see what you can do to fight for your right to privacy.

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