12 Associations of 12-12-12

According to How Numerology Works, numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers and according to numerologists everything in the world is dependent upon the properties of numbers. Each number has it’s own unique vibration giving it certain properties and those properties can determine if two people are compatible, give insight into a person’s behavior, lucky numbers, lucky days and even offer clues as to how the world works. Many numerologists believe that nothing happens by accident, everything happens because of numbers. NBCNEWS.com states, “But does the triple dose of 12 hold any meaning? Depends on whom you ask, but in Hong Kong and Singapore, couples are crowding the aisles for a chance to tie the knot on a day they say symbolizes love.”  And “[The] meaning of numbers not grounded in science, but we seem hard-wired to find associations.”  The amount of people getting married today in order to have an easy to remember anniversary date and/or because of superstitions about triple numbers also sheds light on how we’re all just a bit “number crazy.”

So just for fun here are 12 associations of the number 12 for today’s date 12-12-12.

  1. “We are declaring today as Anti-Doomsday Day in celebration of rational thinking and reasoned discourse.” – ASP (Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
  2. 12 zodiac signs
  3. 12 Olympic gods and goddesses in Greek mythology
  4. Jesus had 12 apostles
  5. The planet Mars is 12 light-minutes from the sun
  6. Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the sun
  7. Today is the last triple date until January 1, 2101
  8. In one type of Numerology, today’s date means “Let go, let go, let go”
  9. 12 days of Christmas
  10. 12 = 1 Dozen
  11. 12 months in a calendar year
  12. Something good will happen today, nothing will happen or something bad will happen

12-12-12 or just another Wednesday?


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