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Krulwich Wonders NPR: What It’s Like to Drop 150,000 Feet

Krulwich Wonders – NPR: What It’s Like to Drop 150,000 Feet Straight Down

If I say “meet me 28 miles from here,” that doesn’t seem very far, right? You could take a taxi, a bus; if pushed you might even make it on a bike.

But what if the 28 miles is not on a road or a highway, but straight up, 150,000 feet — that’s high. So high, we’re out of the life zone. Up in the silence.

This video, created by NASA and sound designed by the amazing folks at Skywalker Sound, lets you rise those 150,000 feet on a solid rocket booster, and then, after helping the space shuttle shoot into orbit, you (and the booster) tumble straight back to Earth.

It’s about two minutes up, then four minutes down, starting in lazy loops through the empty (except for the metal groaning) upper atmosphere; then the Earth’s surface swings with the arc of our fall, the atmosphere thickens, you hear wind, see inky, smoky moments, bursts of flame, winds start whistling by, groaning gets louder, clouds appear below like distant pillows, which we swoosh through and, after ejecting something, there’s a snap, parachutes suddenly appear and we drop, then splash into, under and out of the sea, only to watch something else toppling out of the sky nearby.

I’ve seen rocket launchings before, but this is special. It’s the sound, I guess. Everything is so much more vivid. Clearly, the best way to fall from the sky is to do it with ears wide open.

Source: Krulwich Wonders – NPR

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NPR: Making Art from Art: 5 Summer Nonfiction Reads

An elaborate cake exactingly modeled from the work of a Dutch minimalist painter. A piece of literary criticism as interesting and expansive as its subject. A photograph of an eerie, antlered hat sculpted from feathers and tulle. Art criticism, written with a novelist’s eye. Here are five books that traverse genre and medium, while keeping the same aim: to analyze, celebrate and re-imagine beautiful works of art.

Each book is a work of radical reinterpretation: Each looks at art through the lens of another art. Painting is explicated through pastry, millinery through photography, and painting and writing through extraordinary criticism. These are books by five master craftsmen, who take their crafts, whatever they may be, to their very limits.


See the description of the following 5 Nonfiction Reads at Making Art from Art – NPR:

Always Looking by John Updike

Modern Art Desserts by Caitlin Freeman

The Virtues of Poetry by James Longenbach

Philip Treacy by Kevin Davies

Waiting for the Barbarians by  Daniel Mendelsohn





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Man Knocked Over By Boston Blast Finished Race Unharmed

Boston Blast Didn’t Keep This Man Down

Some encouraging news did come out of the Boston marathon blast that happened yesterday. A 78 year old avid runner was knocked down by the blast but got up and finished the race!  Bill Iffrig pictured below was participating in his third Boston marathon and came in second in his division, finishing the race with only a scraped knee.

Boston Marathon Runner

You can see him clearly in this looped video –  Boston Marathon Explosion that’s been shared across social media platforms over 40,000 times. Bill is knocked over by the force of the explosion, yet gets up and keeps going through the finish line!!

Source: NPR



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