Not Having a Sense of Smell Leads to Insecurity

Research already shows that not having a sense of smell can create feelings of insecurity.  There are a few reasons why this could be such as not being able to smell oneself or certain smells may be comforting and now a more recent study shows that men who can’t smell are lacking in terms of sex partners. Researchers compared 32 people who couldn’t smell with a control group and asked both groups about the number of sexual partners they’ve had.

The men, who can’t smell, on average, had way fewer partners than the men in the control group. What’s up with that? There are a few theories on why this is, and the one that makes the most sense as Research Digest points out:  According to the study, the men apparently lacked social confidence. That might make them more timid in social situations, and explain the below-typical number of sex partners.

Why Dudes Who Can’t Smell Never Get Laid – Popular Science


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