Weekly WTF: Japanese Whiskey Commercial with Nicolas Cage Part 1

It’s Friday so what better day to start a weekly blog segment entitled nothing less than Weekly WTF. For the very first WTF I give you Nicolas Cage, well…close enough, a spoof on what already appears to be a spoof of a Japanese commercial staring Nicolas Cage. It doesn’t get any more WTF than a Japanese commercial, the Japanese actually trademarked the WTF factor at least as far as commercials go.  See here:

Classic WTF Japanese Commercial:

Nick Cage Japanese – Pachinko Commercial Collection:

If what you just saw wasn’t WTF enough, Funny or Die presents Japanese Whiskey Commercial with Nicolas Cage Parts 1, 2 and 3 featuring not Nicolas Cage but actor Bob Turton as Nicolas Cage.  In Part 1 he delivers a heartfelt confession about being a successful Hollywood superstar. Visit Funny or Die to check out Parts 2 & 3 which are even more insanely WTF than Part 1.


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