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Newshosting is Best Usenet Provider 2014

Recently UsenetReviewz published their picks for “Top 8 Best Usenet Providers 2014″ and Newshosting was chosen as having the “top monthly deal.” They also consider their “Top 8″ list to include only the premium Usenet providers with Newshosting as one of them.

UsenetReviewz was created to help the Usenet enthusiast navigate through all of the Usenet providers in the market and to pick the one that best meets their needs. With over 100 Usenet providers to choose from, UsenetReviewz has narrowed down the list by eliminating those that do not meet their criteria for providing a quality service.

Newshosting was selected because of its best-in-class security and access speeds to over 100,000 newsgroups. UsenetReviewz states, “If you are looking for speed, security, completion and retention, then Newshosting should be on your short list.”

Visit Newshosting Review – UsenetReviewz to see a comprehensive video review including a speed test, retention test, pricing, and more.


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Newshosting’s Cyber Week Usenet Special

Newshosting’s Cyber Week Usenet Special

The holidays are on the way and we’re working on a cyber special for you this season – stay tuned because we’ll soon be announcing a huge Newshosting savings!! You’ll save big on Newshosting which includes the following features:

  • Free Newshosting Usenet Browser
  • Free 256-Bit SSL Encryption
  • 1928 Days Retention 
  • Speed Unlimited & Unlimited Data Transfer

  • Server Farms in N. America & Europe 

  • 99%+ Completion


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Newshosting Voted Best Usenet Provider 2013

Newshosting Voted Best Usenet Provider 2013 by Newsgroup Reviews

The results of Newgroup Reviews’ Editors Choice Awards are in and Newshosting leads the list as #1 Usenet Provider!

The Newsgroup Reviews Blog explains their decision of choosing Newshosting as the ‘Best Usenet Provider 2013′ by stating:

Newshosting went head to head with UseNetServer to earn top honors.  It really comes down to Usenet client.  If you have a  favorite and plan to use it then UseNetServer will save you a few extra dollars with their annual plan.  If you’re looking for a good Usenet client with built-in search engine then Newshosting is the best choice.

Expect the best performance and premium features for a value from Newshosting.  Including unlimited Usenet downloads and free access to their popular Newshosting Usenet client.  A very nice addition!  Along with uncapped speeds and free 256-bit SSL encryption.  Connect to their North American or European servers and enjoy unlimited Usenet.  All for just $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year via our Newshosting NGR special.

The criteria that is used when determining the winners for this award are the following:

  • Extra Features
  • High Retention
  • Completion
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Value

Sign up for a Newshosting subscription today and enjoy:

A free Usenet browser, 30 connections with SSL encryption, 1890 days of retention, unlimited speed and data transfers and 99%+ completion. 


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