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One Last Bitch for the Road – Breaking Bad’s Finale

Breaking Bad’s Finale – Get More at Nerdist News

One Last Bitch for the Road – Did you catch last night’s finale of Breaking Bad? More importantly, do you feel prepared to back up your opinion with factoids and trivial knowledge from the cast and creators? Check out the Breaking Bad episodes of the podcast to revisit old friends Bryan CranstonVince Gilligan and Aaron Paul. OurBreaking Bad Recaps can fill you in on the items that left you scratching your shaved head. And, if the end of the show was too much for you, just watch the Breaking Badcast on All Star Bowling and pretend things didn’t go left for our favorite dysfunctional family/meth empire.

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New “Doctor Who” To Be Announced Tomorrow

BBC To Announce New “Doctor Who” Tomorrow

We knew this day was coming, but we hadn’t the foggiest when… until now. The BBC has announced that the actor or actress who will play the Twelfth Doctor on Doctor Who will be unveiled LIVE in a televised special this Sunday at 7:00pm London Time on BBC One and 2:00pm ET/11:00am PT on BBC America. (That’s the exact same time, by the way).


Who Will Be The 12th Doctor Who?

From the official press release:

Widely regarded as one of the most hotly contested roles in British television, the special’s host Zoe Ball will unveil the Twelfth Doctor in their first ever interview in front of a live studio audience. The half hour show will include live special guests, Doctors old and new, as well as companions and celebrity fans. Current Doctor Matt Smith and lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat will both give interviews in the special.

Steven Moffat says: “The decision is made and the time has come to reveal who’s taking over the TARDIS. For the last of the Time Lords, the clock is striking twelve.”

So, who has money on Zoe Ball being the Twelfth Doctor? Who do you think it’ll be? Now’s your last chance to weigh in because in less than three days, all this debate will be academic. Be sure to check on Sunday after the announcement to get our take on the newest Who legend.

Source: Nerdist News 

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Nerdist News Top 10 Pop Culture “Comic-Cons”

Comic-Con International is just days away so to get pumped up, Nerdist News put together their ten favorite “Comic-Cons” from movies and TV.

Wonder Woman

In ”Spaced Out,” the third season episode of the old Wonder Woman television series from 1979, Diana Prince goes undercover to recover some stolen crystals from a jewel thief at a Science Fiction Convention at a Los Angeles hotel. The con in this episode is as stereotypical as it gets regarding how America views geek culture, especially back then; all the conventioneers are your typical “Revenge of the Nerds” style dorks with pocket protectors and giant thick rimmed glasses who slobber all over Lynda Carter as if she’s the first female they’d ever seen. OK, in fairness, it was Lynda Carter.


On one of the lighter episodes of the soapy WB/CW series Smallville, Warrior takes Clark and Lois undercover at a Comic Book Convention to try to stop a kid from becoming a villain after he’s magically turned into Warrior Angel, Clark’s favorite comic book character. While the con in the show isn’t much to write home about, the episode does feature Erica Durance as both a Storm Trooper and a Wonder Woman-inspired “Amazonian Princess.”

Chasing Amy 

The movie starts out with a surly fan who apparently waited a good long while in a line at a Comic Con just to berate Banky for being a “tracer.” Some people criticize Chasing Amy for its “lesbian meets and falls in love with a man” storyline;  we find the idea of a comic book fan not knowing what an inker does more unbelievable.

The Simpsons 

There really isn’t any piece of Americana that the Simpsons hasn’t parodied in some form at this point, and the Sci-Fi/Comic Con got an early treatment from Matt Groening and company in the second season episode “Three Men and a Comic Book,” first aired back in 1991.

Batman: Brave and the Bold

The episode “Legends of the Dark Mite,” which featured the 5th dimensional imp Bat-Mite, had a straight up parody of San Diego Comic-Con, in which it was called “the annual comic book, science fiction, fantasy, horror, animation, anime, gaming, action figure, vintage toy, collectable card game, pop culture, & tiddlywinks convention.” In the episode, Bat-Mite moderates a Batman panel at a convention in the 5th Dimension over the validity of some of the sillier aspects of the Brave & the Bold. 

To see the next Top 5 and to read the complete descriptions visit Top Ten: Our Favorite “Comic-Cons” in Pop Culture – Nerdist News 

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