The IPVanish team has been working around the clock to continue improving the overall IPVanish user experience for customers worldwide.  Today they released a new version of the Mac client, which comes with several improvements:

  • Improved connection status area in the main window
  • Column sorting now persists across instances of the application
  • App now includes a default list of servers on initial launch
  • Stability improvements when waking up from a long sleep
  • OpenVPN no longer requires the ability to dial home the first time a server is used
  • The combination of a closed laptop lid and interrupted connectivity no longer cause application crash
  • Stability improvements when Internet connectivity has been lost
  • Fixed several events that could trigger IPVanish to crash or pin wheel

All users will be prompted to update to the new version (1.3) once they launch the Mac VPN client.

IPVanish will continue to develop new features and improvements to give its customers the best speeds, the most secure connections, the best technical support and the lowest pricing available anywhere.

If you’re not a current IPVanish user, sign up today for as low as $6.49/month and start browsing the web securely.

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