You’ll be amazed at what happens in 60 seconds on the Internet

Certain measurements of time seem to bend reality – the microwave minute for example, or the one-more-minute in bed. And now the internet minute has been revealed, with an infographic detailing some of the activities that happen in 60 seconds of web time.

Produced forĀ Qmee, the graphic does have certain glaring omissions (the pornography for one) and a decidedly US-centric bent (‘Chinese Twitter’ Weibo would almost certainly blow it US cousin out of the water in terms of use). Still, there are some interesting stats.

72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube a minute is pretty staggering, as is 2 million Google searches. THe website creation ‘rate’ (571/minute) is also good, though you do wonder how many sites go ‘down’ (or simply out of use) in the same time.

Also interesting to see how quickly Snapchat has gained on ‘rival’ (of sorts), Instagram. The former apparently has 104,000 photos shared each minute, with the latter clearing 108,000 in the same time.



Source: The Independent

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