Comic-Con 2014 time is here. It’s the mecca of all things nerdy for the summer, where some of the biggest names in geek culture and entertainment come to show off what’s to come for the next few years. This year’s event is a bit different, though: with movies like the new Star Wars and Avengers coming out, 2015 and 2016 already promise to be the biggest years in film history, and Comic-Con could very well be Ground Zero for a pop culture singularity.


Marvel: Not only does Marvel have a few huge movies right around the corner, it has a whole lot more in the works — and there’s a good chance that we’ll learn what they are during its panel on Saturday. Expect to hear plenty about Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy, and potentially some details on six of Marvel’s upcoming films, including Doctor Strange and Captain America 3.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies will conclude the second epic Middle Earth trilogy this December, and Peter Jackson will be on hand in San Diego this week to get everyone excited one last time. It’s about time that we all get a look at the next film, and that certainly isn’t out of the question given that Hobbit footage has been previewed at Comic-Con before.

Mad Max: Fury Road: George Miller is bringing his classic dystopian action series back after 30 years, and Warner Bros. is promising that he’ll show off a first look at it this Saturday. With Miller still in the directing chair and Tom Hardy taking over as Max, Fury Road is definitely one to look out for.

Game of Thrones: The HBO juggernaut recently ended its fourth season, probably its biggest yet. The cast and crew will be at Comic-Con this year answering questions about where the series will go next. Also, series author George R.R. Martin will be around to deal with rabid readers anxious for his next installment.

DC Comics TV: If Marvel will rule the box office, DC will own TV this fall. Expect plenty of news and impressions for highly anticipated shows Constantine, The Flash, and Gotham, along with updates on what’s in store in the next season of Arrow.

Fight Club 2: Chuck Palahniuk’s cult hit is returning with a sequel 15 years after David Fincher turned it into a wildly successful film. The sequel will be a 10-issue graphic novel written by Palahniuk, and Palahniuk will be in San Diego on Saturday to talk about it and the original Fight Club with Fincher and this new book’s illustrator.

Source: The Verge

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