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Easynews Now Offers 1900 Days of NNTP Usenet Retention

Easynews Now Offers 1900 Days of NNTP Usenet Retention – Sign up Today!

EASYNEWS, the browser-based Usenet newsgroup provider has upgraded its NNTP Usenet retention from 1800 to a full 1900 days. That is an extra 100 days of Usenet retention at no additional cost to Easynews subscribers!

Usenet retention is the length of time that a newsgroup article post is available to subscribers.  1900 days of retention means that Easynews subscribers can access newsgroup posts that were added up to 1900 days ago, with 99% completion.



All Easynews service plans (e.g. Classic, Plus and Big Gig) come with:

  • Web-Usenet access through the Easynews web interface (available by logging into your account at
  • 100,000+ Newsgroups (NNTP Usenet access)
  • 1900 Days Retention
  • Rollover Gigs (unused gigs rollover to future months)
  • Loyalty Gigs (free gigs for each year of service)
  • 14 day/10 GB free trial
  • Thumbnail Previews
  • 24/365 Technical Support

The Big Gig plan provides the best value with 150GB/month, 12GB loyalty gigs, and free unlimited NNTP. If you have a web browser, you already have all the software you need to access all that Usenet newsgroups have to offer

Visit Easynews now for your 14day free trial! 

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What is Usenet?

What Usenet is All About

Usenet is a worldwide network of online messages (called articles) that are organized into over 100,000 topic-specific groups (called newsgroups). These newsgroups, accessible through Usenet newsgroup providers like EasynewsNewshosting and UsenetServer, cover nearly every topic of interest imaginable. Users can subscribe to any and all newsgroups and read/post articles to them with other users worldwide. Once a post is made by a user, it is distributed to all other servers on the network for others to view.

There are two basic types of newsgroups: text newsgroups and binary newsgroups. Text newsgroups are discussion based and consist of text-only articles. Binary newsgroups are used to share larger binary posts like picture, audio and video files. The amount of time a post is available on a text or binary newsgroup is called retention. At some point, an article will expire to make room for newer posts. Most premium providers like Newshosting and UsenetServer support over 600 days of binary content and even more for text content.

Both the amount of information available on Usenet as well as the number of users continues to grow at a staggering rate since its inception in 1979. Today, millions of users around the globe access Usenet which now has a total daily volume of new information exceeding 5 TB.

To get started with Usenet, you will need two things:

  1. A subscription to a Usenet newsgroup provider. This provides you access to the servers on which the newsgroups and their articles are hosted. You’ll want to go with a premium provider like EasynewsNewshosting and UsenetServer to ensure that you get fast and secure download speeds as well as high retention rates.
  2. A newsreader client. This acts as a user-interface between you and the Usenet servers. There are several options here, both free and subscription-based. We recommend Grabit and SABNZBD, both free. Newsbin Pro is another great newsreader that is available for a low, one-time fee.

*If you subscribe to Easynews you don’t need a newsreader. With Easynews, you can search, preview and download from anywhere you have Internet access.

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Easynews Additional Web Retention

Additional Web Retention

The Easynews Beta testing of our additional web retention is finally complete. We’ve put our best people to work at making Easynews the easiest and best Usenet service out there, and we think we came up with something great. We’re just putting the final touches on a few things before we finalize how the additional retention will work. Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting announcement within the next week or two of the changes Easynews will have in place.

Easynews makes it possible to search, preview and download from anywhere you have Internet access.  Sign up for an Easynews free trial today to receive the following benefits:

  • Free Encrypted SSL
  • 1700 Days NNTP Retention
  • Unlimited Connections
  • 100,000+ Discussion Groups
  • Rollover Gigs

As always if you have any feedback we would love to hear it, either through the Easynews Support Forum or email us at


The Easynews Team


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