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Chinese Zoo Tries to Pass Dog for African Lion

Chinese Zoo Tries to Pass Dog for African Lion

According to a post on Reuters, People’s Park Zoo in Luohe, China has been closed for lying about its zoo animals. Apparently, the zoo staff dressed up a Tibetan Mastiff to appear as a lion. They put this poor pooch in a cage with a sign labeling the dog as an African Lion. However, the zoo staff’s brilliant ideas didn’t stop there; they also used other common pets to pass off as snakes and a leopard. Let’s pause really quick. Either the zoo officials were as good at hairdressing as my (Chinese) barber, or their visitors never watched Animal Planet (or some Chinese version??). Anyone wondering what mammal they tried to pass off as a snake? I sure am!tumblr_lubcauQs0S1qbf48ro1_500

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China’s Latest Meme – Dogs Wearing Pantyhose

Dogs Wearing Pantyhose. Really.

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, the Chinese are coercing their dogs into pantyhose and putting pictures of it all over the Internet.  “Bored” internet users are responsible for the trend, according to Chinese news site Sina, a conclusion that sounds about right for most terrible things on the Internet. The memes are called gougou chuan siwa (狗狗穿丝袜), which translates into the imaginative “Dogs wearing pantyhose.”

Just try to imagine the complex confluence of emotions raging through the poor pups’ coconut sized brains as their owner squeezes their hindquarters into strangling nylon and looms over them with a camera. They must be suffering from a churning mixture of absolute love and adoration (because dogs are stupid and love you no matter what) and shame and horror and perhaps vague, inchoate dreams of murderous revolution.

Someone please help these animals.  Courtesy of The Daily Dot.




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