San Francisco Massage Palor Adds Face Slapping to the Menu

TV station CBS in San Francisco sent an intern reporter to “investigate” a local massage parlor that recently started offering $350 sessions to slap a customer’s face into shape.  The parlor owner claimed that their secret technique is actually “from ancient Thai wisdom that’s been passed down from generation to generation” and told the intern that the session is about increasing circulation and “optimizing the fat and tissues and muscles that are in the face.”

The $350 session only includes getting handled on half of your face and the effects are said to last around six months. The parlor owner’s wife who performed the massage stated that the procedure slimed a cheek and lifted an eyebrow. So, essentially you pay $350 to get only half of your face improved.  The intern told CBS, ” There was no stinging at all. It felt like a really strong pressure on my face and then other times it was actually quite gentle.”

The palor also offers a massage similar to face slapping called butt punching…

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