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You Won’t Find These Lego Sets in Stores

Pop Culture Lego Sets You Want to Own

The Lego Movie hits theaters today, bringing together yellow-brick remixes of a range of licensed characters wider than we’ve seen since Wreck-It Ralph. Sadly, though, some of the best characters in pop culture aren’t family-movie-friendly. Or toy-store-friendly. But why should that stop design-minded gamers and cinephiles from creating homebrew versions? It shouldn’t—and more importantly, it hasn’t. Emboldened by Lego’s decision to embrace a mashed-up multiverse, we’re taking the opportunity to draw some attention to some pretty incredible work by some pretty incredible bricketects. (Do you like that? We made it up just now. Feel free to run with it.) Here, then, is some serious eye candy in the form of the coolest concepts and fan builds you won’t find in the official Lego Movie.


Breaking Bad’s Super Meth Lab

You can’t say that Breaking Bad isn’t perfect for a Lego playset: It’s got a self-contained environment, distinctive (and easily simplifiable) characters, and a lot of cool scientific equipment and gadgets that seem custom made for Lego. Luckily, Citizen Brick has made this awesome custom Superlab playset, complete with carefully non-trademarked epithets. Unfortunately, it’s a) $500 and b) sold out. But yet, somewhere out there, tiny plastic men are hard at work cooking their tiny plastic meth.

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The Man Behind the Music of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead

Thomas Golubić is the music supervisor on The Walking Dead. Before that he placed music on Breaking Bad and Six Feet Under. Photo: Ashley West Leonard

Thomas Golubić makes a lot of mixtapes. But instead of making them for roadtrips, friends or significant others, he makes them for Rick Grimes, Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and the funeral home of Six Feet Under.

“Creating mixtapes is a small part of the music supervision process for a series,” said Golubić, a music supervisor with credits on both Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. ”In essence, it’s a brainstorming exercise. … In the case of Breaking Bad, we frequently [went] to those early mixtapes to see if there are good ideas that we thought of early on that feel particularly prescient at the season’s close.”

Golubić’s picks have ended up accompanying some of the most climatic and/or intense TV moments for several critically acclaimed shows. Remember Sharon Van Etten’s eerie warning “everything changes” from The Walking Dead earlier this season, after a controversial decision by the character Rick? That was Golubić’s call. So was the track that played during one of the greatest series finales of all time: Sia’s tear-jerking “Breathe Me,” which ebbed and flowed in the background of the final Six Feet Under as the ultimate fates of its characters played out in an epic montage.

A long-time fan of Tom Waits, Golubić also tried to get the gravel-voiced singer’s “Big Black Mariah” on Six Feet Under for a scene where two characters dined in the afterlife, but ended up having to cut it for budgetary reasons. “I’ve waited for years for an opportunity to put Tom Waits in one of my projects,” said Golubić. So if you noticed that the character Beth on The Walking Dead just happened to sing not one but two Waits songs over the last two seasons — “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” and “Hold On” — now you know why.



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One Last Bitch for the Road – Breaking Bad’s Finale

Breaking Bad’s Finale – Get More at Nerdist News

One Last Bitch for the Road – Did you catch last night’s finale of Breaking Bad? More importantly, do you feel prepared to back up your opinion with factoids and trivial knowledge from the cast and creators? Check out the Breaking Bad episodes of the podcast to revisit old friends Bryan CranstonVince Gilligan and Aaron Paul. OurBreaking Bad Recaps can fill you in on the items that left you scratching your shaved head. And, if the end of the show was too much for you, just watch the Breaking Badcast on All Star Bowling and pretend things didn’t go left for our favorite dysfunctional family/meth empire.

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