If You’re a Skyrim Fan, The Real World: Whiterun is Just For You

What do you get when you combine 90’s reality television with the same in-game engine from Skyrim? Well first we got COPS: Skyrim, in which it’s creators displayed the through enjoyment one would get if they were to police that place; and now the same creators bring us the “TRUE STORY!!” The Real World: Whiterun, is the true story of what happens when seven species-diverse strangers are picked to live together in a house within the Skyrim realm.

According to Nerdist News, “The Real World: Whiterun is the hottest reality show to hit Skyrim’s airwaves since Are you Smarter Than a Draugr?”  Episode one introduces six out of the seven cast members:

  •  The Nooch:  an Orc who refuses to stop partying
  • Voldar: a creepy Breton
  • Jessica: a lesbian blacksmith
  • Dunnard: the stereotypical jock
  • Rasha: an Argonian musician
  • Tsani: a pretty and popular Khajiit

Will the housemates happily coexist or will they wreck havoc on each other that involves dragons? Only time will tell. New episodes will be posted every week on the Nerdist Channel. But you can watch the first episode here: