As a follow up to this post: “Newshosting is Best Usenet Provider 2014″ if you’re a Newshosting subscriber but haven’t been using the newsreader, now is the best time to start. The Newshosting newsreader is a replacement for other popular search and indexing programs. The best part about it is you can schedule automatic searches. This awesome feature means you can get your favorite content as soon as it’s on Newshosting!

It’s also easy to install and incredibly easy to use.  The main features of the Newshosting newsreader are:

  • Newsreader included for free with all Newshosting plans, including the free trial
  • No configuration needed
  • Quick search + advanced search
  • Search results previews
  • Unlimited search + unlimited transfers
  • NZB drag and drop + manual import for NZB’s
  • Auto-PAR and auto extracting of RAR files
  • Auto search/transfer capability

If you’re not currently using Newshosting try it today with a FREE 14-day trial.