If you are a fan of the Die Hard movies, then you probably agree that they should have stopped making them after the first trilogy. But movie studios being the profit-focused organizations that they are, we’ve seen two further movies since then. Neither were great, but it now looks likely a 6th Die Hard is on the cards.

The twist, and one that 20th Century Fox surely hopes will get you to go watch it, is the rumor that they want Samuel L. Jackson to reprise his role. You may remember he played Zeus Carver alongside John McClane in the third movie Die Hard with a Vengeance. His character injected some variation into that third outing, so maybe it can do the same to finish out the second trilogy?

Of course, this is just a rumor and the script hasn’t been written yet. Apparently the writers are being asked to come up with a new story, but that it must involve Zeus.

You have to think this really is going to be the last Die Hard featuring Bruce Willis, though. He’s 59 now, meaning Die Hard 6 will be filmed with him in his early 60′s. Much like Harisson Ford and Indiana Jones, doing anymore after that doesn’t sound like a great idea.

Would Zeus Carver be reason enough to sit through Die Hard 6? Jackson may refuse the part (he is 65), but that seems unlikely if the script is up to the standard of the third movie. The pay certainly won’t be a small amount of money, either.

Source: Geek.com