Watch this Orlando local troll the police during a protest against an Orlando city ordinance that prohibits people from feeding more the 25 people in a public place, without a permit. Food Not Bombs, a “revolutionary movement” that promotes fighting poverty rather than fighting wars, provides free vegan/vegetarian meals to the needy. For the past 6 years or so, they’ve been fighting the City of Orlando for the right to feed the homeless in Lake Eola Park. Well, in the past few months, the city has started arresting people over this.

It hits close to home for me, I live next to Lake Eola, so I’m torn on this issue. The city makes some good points about the collateral damage from assembling a group of homeless people in this location regularly. There’s definitely an issue with trash and increased crime, but it’s hard to attribute that directly to the feedings in the park. Regardless, it’s kind of silly that the city is arresting people for feeding the needy. But, I digress. This is a video of a guy with an “I <3 Orlando PD" sign, who complements the dedication and blind faith of the police force. I think it's because he has a southern accent but they seem to buy it despite sarcasm thicker than georgia mollasses.