Get on your tin foil hats, folks, the NSA is building the biggest spy center in the country in the middle of mormon territory.

Just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, the government is constructing a massive facility that will house and protect the servers, routers, etc., that allow the NSA to monitor cell phone calls, emails, texts, online transactions, Google searches, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and pretty much any other form of communication aside from carrierĀ pigeons.

Several smaller versions of this compound exist in various places around the US and internationally, but this facility would act as a hub and upgrade their speed, efficiency, and ability to monitor significantly.

Is this a violation of the fourth amendment? That is yet to be determined – it’s too volatile a topic for most politicians to touch with a ten foot pole.

So what can you do, legally, to secure your internet access and minimize the amount of monitoring? One way is to use a VPN, which adds an extra layer of security between you and your ISP, who is almost certainly reporting to the government, or worse. Many ISPs bow to private organizations that seemingly try to maximize profits by threatening their customers with costly lawsuits. IPVanish VPN is only $10 a month and that seems like a worthwhile investment in the privacy and security of my business.

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