Man Claims Most Dangerous Selfie Ever – Captures Himself Being Chased by Bulls


A man has stacked his claim to taking the the most dangerous selfie ever after capturing the moment he was being chased by a huge bull.

The man, known only as Christian, was taking part in the Houston Bull Run when he decided to film the whole thing on his smartphone.

A spectator in turn pictured Christian taking the selfie, and the image was uploaded to Reddit by user Zchavago, where it reached the front page.

A second user then added a photo of Christian’s smiling face finding out he had been featured on the site, along with a link to the jittery video he was taking.

The Houston Bull Run sees thousands of revellers sprinting down a quarter mile track at Royal Purple Raceway with a few dozen bulls hot on their heels.

This year saw around 3,500 people take part, with one ending up in hospital – possible the man being trampled in Christian’s video. A few others suffered minor injuries.

Source: The Independent