The Lego calendar is a wall mounted time planner that we invented for our studio. It’s made entirely of Lego, but if you take a photo of it with a smartphone all of the events and timings will be magically synchronised to an online, digital calendar. It makes the most of the tangibility of physical objects, and the ubiquity of digital platforms, and it’s also puts a smile on our faces when we use it!

For more info visit  Vitamins is a design and invention studio based in London, working in the spaces between science, technology, business and wonder. Over the past few years they’ve worked for companies such as Samsung, Nokia, Burton, and the BBC including it’s show, Genius with Dave Gorman.

“Genius” is a show you might want to check out if you’re interested in invention and innovative ideas. Each week, host Dave Gorman and a celebrity guest judge the various strange, wacky and totally unworkable ideas sent by the public to the show via the BBC website in the hope they will find something that is genius. In the end however, only one person can take home the coveted Genius Trophy.

Code will be shared online soon!

Lego calendar by Vitamins from Vitamins on Vimeo.