The New Myspace Launched Today and Features Justin Timberlake’s New Single

Myspace has a new design and a new focus on helping artists post music to share with fans. For example Justin Timberlake’s new single ‘Suit and Tie,’ featuring Jay-Z.  This is Justin’s first single since the release of “Future/Sex, Love/Sounds” in 2006 and it streams for free on Myspace with a link to purchase on I-tunes below it.   Timberlake is sending a message to other artists by using the social network site to promote his new single.  That message seems to be: Myspace is revived so upload your music so the public can hear it for free, like it, then buy it.  Which goes back to the original vision of Myspace being the best place online to research and listen to any musician.  As crazy as it sounds to remember life without YouTube, the original Myspace was before YouTube became a licensed music service.

The new Myspace is better than the old Myspace. It’s clean, simple, modern and easy to use.  It also isn’t trying to compete with other social network sites as you can login using your Facebook or Twitter account credentials (if you don’t remember your old password or don’t have access to the email address you used.) It has a streaming radio function, a Discover section (featuring trends such as videos and users) and a music-specific section (featuring new artists and albums.)   Maybe this time around Myspace will make it.