VPNSP used their professional VPN background and comprehensive evaluation methods to rate the top six VPN providers in the world based on innovation, software offerings, customer service, global network size and more.  According to VPNSP, IPVanish is focused on speed and reliability.  They manage VPN servers in 47 countries with more locations planned.  Members will appreciate the performance of their network.  IPVanish is consistently the fastest VPN service in North America and throughout Europe. 

Currently IPVanish is offering a 20% savings on the first three months of service, available through VPNSP.com.  Right now just for visiting VPNSP, you can get IPVanish for as low as $5.20/month, and gain the confidence and ease of complete online security and anonymity. IPVanish protects your online identity and data (emails, data transfers, online banking and browsing) by putting you in control of your IP address.  You can choose from over 7000 anonymous IPs in 47 countries and block unwanted marketing, stay safe at Wi-Fi hotspots, accelerate your online gaming, and much more.


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