Popular website, Neatorama, made a post recently about 4 “facts” that have changed since you were in school.

  1. The Pyramids weren’t built by slaves, but by skilled masons.
  2. Everything you learned about dinosaurs is wrong.
  3. Arsenic is one of the building blocks of life.
  4. Humans aren’t that special.
Let’s discuss…
The Pyramids weren’t built by slaves
Ok, granted, it makes sense that some of the workers might have been masons, but the number of masons required would be astronomical. They just didn’t have enough skilled workers in ancient egypt. I remember a teacher breaking down the math behind the pyramids. 20 years and 100,000 workers to build the Great Pyramid. It’s very unlikely that they trained 100,000 free masons, but not impossible. Either way, I’m gonna need more evidence before I can accept this.
Everything you learned about dinosaurs is wrong
I’ve read enough about this that it makes sense. There is no Triceratops. It’s just a baby Torosaurus. There is no Brontosaurus – it’s an Apatosaurus with the head of a Camarasaurus. Many of our childhood favorites were lies! There was no Littlefoot. A Land Before Time never happened and I’m never trusting scientists again.
Arsenic is a building block of life
Either my teachers were ahead of the curve or they were just terrible teachers, but I never learned this in school. That’s insane. Arsenic is poison.
Humans aren’t that special
In school, we were taught that humans were the only ones with complex emotions, ability to use tools, and other “facts” that made us better than animals. COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG. You’re not special. You never were. Your mother was wrong. Chimps use spears to hunt, octopi use shells to smash things, dolphins use sponges to sift through sand to find food. Not only can apes learn and understand sign language, but they have their own verbal language as well, with their own grammar rules. Even bees can talk to each other. That new Planet of the Apes movie just got a little scarier.

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