In association with Simon & Schuster…

Aspiring writers be aware: it’s time to scare! SFX has teamed up with top author and master of horror Darren Shan to create a one of a kind short story competition, where Darren himself will judge the winner.

We’re looking for the best original zombie-themed short stories. Your tales can be funny or scary, feature fast or slow zombies, murder and mayhem, or no bloodshed whatsoever. Imagination is your only limit. That and the rules, which are that entries must be no longer than 1500 words, be your own original work, and be about zombies – a genre the author of the Zom-B series knows a thing or two about.

The latest instalment in Darren’s 12-part series, Zom-B Gladiator, is on sale now. The series chronicles the journey of teenage protagonist B Smith during a zombie outbreak in Ireland, to the death-filled streets of London. B has encountered crazy clowns, teenage “Angels” dedicated to restoring order to the living and Mercenaries who capture B in their traps. It’s grisly, fast-paced and guarantees a high body count.

The closing date for entries is Tuesday 29 April. Any submissions received after this date will not be considered, so get your skates on. All entries will be reviewed by judges from the SFX team. The five best will then be passed on to Darren to pick the winner.

The supremely talented winner will not only receive signed hardback copies of the first seven Zom-Bbooks published by Simon & Schuster, but will also have their story printed in full in SFX’s upcoming landmark 250th issue. It’s your chance to become a part of SFX history!

Good luck, and good scaring!


Find out how to enter at SFX