Easynews Now Offers 1700 days NNTP Retention

We’re excited to announce that Easynews has upgraded its NNTP Usenet retention from 1610 days to a full 1700 days. That is an extra 90 days of Usenet retention at no additional cost to Easynews subscribers! With Easynews, subscribers get an all-in-one Usenet package with browser-based and NNTP-based Usenet access along with 99+% completion, unlimited downloads, free SSL encryption and now 1700 days of NNTP retention!

We encourage you to take advantage of the Easynews Unlimited NNTP Access plan that is being offered at $9.95/month. For $9.95/month, customers get unlimited monthly transfers, SSL encryption and 20 connections. The Unlimited NNTP plan also comes with 14 days/10 GB of free access to Easynews’ web interface, which is a slick web-based Usenet browser that allows you to search, preview and download articles from any Internet browser. If you have a web browser, you already have all the software you need to access all that Usenet newsgroups have to offer!