Teach the kids Anatomy 101 this summer vacation with a do-it-yourself human anatomy kit that is made solely out of paper.  Construct human hearts, guts, lungs and a human torso to hold all of the organs with just card stock, scissors and glue,  thanks to Australian artist Horst Kiechle. Visit Horst Kiechle – Paper Torso to see photos and to download the templates and detailed instructions of the 700+ steps of the assembly process.  This is no small task.  According to Wired Magazine:

In an interview with My Modern Met, Kiechle explained his process, which started by creating 3D software that allows him to design the foldable, polygon patterns of the torso and organs. From there he prints the designs onto card stock and cuts them out before embarking on the tedious process of folding the horizontal and vertical strips into the shapes of a heart, pancreas, stomach, lungs and all those other organs that keep us kicking. Kiechle said the most difficult part of the project was making sure the organs fit properly into the torso and had enough room to be removed and replaced, noting that the heart has a tendency to fall out if the torso gets knocked.

Kiechle mentions that it took him about three months to construct his first set, and he knew what he was doing. “The process is not difficult but time consuming,” he writes on his site.