Curious about what Yoda was like as a boy (or whatever you call a young whatever-he-is)? Burning to know how Darth Maul came to be named after a giant hammer? Desperate to find out what Nien Nunb was like before he was Lando’s co-pilot? All these stories and more could be coming your way, according to Disney CEO Bob Iger. During Disney’s quarterly earnings call yesterday, the executive stated that at least three “spin-off” movies are in development for parallel release with the new Star Wars sequel trilogy.

News about companion movies accompanying the main sequel trilogy movies isn’t totally new—Disney has been saying for some time now that Episodes VII-IX won’t be their only dip into the Star Wars well. The spin-off movies could be released in the gaps between the sequel trilogy films. Disney CFO Jay Rasulo told Variety last September that “one Star Wars trilogy film or ‘origin story film’ would also appear on the release schedule each year,” and LucasFilm President Kathleen Kennedy noted in January that the planned spin-off films won’t impinge on the mainline sequel saga plans.  Read the entire article at Ars Technica.