The debate about what to do about the debt ceiling is getting pretty close to the deadline, but I guess your opinion of that varies depending on whether or not you “believe” that this deadline is real. Fox News’ challenges the legitimacy of the deadline. Asserting that this is simply a scare tactic and that it’s been moved back in the past, so we can move it again. Though it may be true that we’ve moved it back in the past, I hardly believe that it’s an arbitrary deadline. We might not default on that exact date, but our credit rating is sure to suffer. Nobody knows, 100% for sure, what will happen if our credit rating is lowered. I’ve heard everything from full-blown economic collapse to mortgage rates actually going down. One thing is for sure, the American people have lost a lot of trust in both parties for the absolute circus going on right now in Washington.

On a lighter note, puppies.