8/4/11 – 9:21AM – It has been determined that the device strapped to her neck was not an explosive device. Police are hoping security footage from the neighborhood can assist in the investigation.


After 10 hours, as of 1pm Wednesday, the girl has been freed from the device. Police continue looking for a suspect.

Been reading about an insane incident going on right now in Australia. There’s a collar bomb attached to an 18 year old girl in Sydney, Australia. There is apparently a ransom note, but they can’t read it because it’s stuck to the BOMB ATTACHED TO HER NECK. She reportedly comes from a wealthy family and this could be an extortion attempt. It’s extremely unsettling. After 6 hours, they still haven’t removed it.

Wired did a piece about a real-life collar bomb a few months ago and we’ve seen it imitated in pop culture, like in the movie Wild Wild West, or in the video game Fallout: New Vegas. In 2 weeks, a movie called 30 Minutes or Less premieres, which happens to be about a person who gets a bomb strapped to them, and they’re forced to rob a bank. This better not be viral marketing for them.

30 Minutes or Less:

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