If you like history or art or both – this is a very interesting story published at The Guardian about the first artist to paint on the Berlin Wall, Thierry Noir.  His creations of the ultimate symbol of communist repression with cartoonish graffiti became world famous.  In the article he talks about playing cat and mouse with the death strip guards, meeting Wim Wenders, and what happened when the wall came down.  Here’s a snippet:



Clean Up. This was taken in 1986 at Bethaniendamm in Kreuzberg. Here we can see a GDR [East Germany] pioneer cleaning squad clearing away waste from West Berlin. In those days, people threw everything over the Wall: empty bottles, bins and diapers! For some, it was a political act and people would scream at the same time ‘Scheiss DDR’ (‘fuck the GDR’). I myself never threw anything over the Wall. It wasn’t my style. Often, soldiers would come over with a megaphone to tell me to stop painting and to step back inside West Berlin. I would do so without any comments. The Wall was not the actual border but set five metres within the real East-West line. By painting the Wall, I was officially in East Berlin. The soldiers would often try to catch me.


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