Security Lock With all the news of password hacking recently, privacy has become a major concern for internet users everywhere. Thankfully, a team of cryptographers and neuroscientists have created a password method that uses implicit learning to ingrain the password in your mind. The thing about implicit learning is that you don’t even realize what exactly you’re memorizing, like riding a bike. You know how to do it when faced with the task, but it’s nearly impossible to describe to someone else. Because of this phenomenon, a person’s password is safe even if they are threatened with bodily harm, there’s simply no way to describe it.

The user interface is called SISL (Serial Interception Sequence Learning) and is similar to the gameplay interface of Guitar Hero. After a 30-45 minute training session, a user learns how to interpret falling circles and press corresponding keys on the keyboard as the circles hit the bottom. Though it doesn’t look like it will be available on phones or laptops for a while, the core concepts of the SISL might be used in the future for high-security access and specialized equipment.

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