This week marks a momentous occasion — the 25th anniversary of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It’s a milestone that deserves observing. But after the customary re-watch of Excellent Adventure andBill & Ted’s Bogus Journey you might find yourself loitering outside of the neighborhood Circle K, sobbing into a pretzel and wondering how you’ll ever fill the bleeding Bill & Ted-shaped hole in your life.

Never fear, true believer. Like any successful film series of the late 1980s and early ’90s, the Bill & Tedmovies spawned a slew of spinoffs: videogames, an animated series, and even a terrible live-action pilot. Unfortunately, most of those have aged with considerably less grace than the movies themselves. However, there’s once exception: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Comic Book — a short-lived Marvel series that, like the films, was way better than anyone would’ve expected. Read the entire article here.

Source: Wired