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iOS 8 Beta 2 Ready for Full Time Use

Apple’s multi-stage testing and optimizing setup for iOS 8 reached Beta 2 last week, and after several app updates the platform is almost totally usable.

There are some incredible things coming to iOS 8 this fall. Apple is laser-focused on delivering a uniquely inclusive experience with their products, and that is great for anyone who happens to be rocking all of Apple’s products for their computing needs. The Apple developer program allows app developers to check out iOS 8 before users, which makes it easier to ensure apps are ready to go when the update rolls out. The beta program for iOS has only recently reached its second update, but this release has already shown significant improvements and offers some clear insight into what we can expect this fall. Read the complete article here.

SFX Issue 250 On Sale Now

Break out the party hats and pop the champagne! It’s here – issue 250 of the galaxy’s greatest SF magazine. To celebrate, we reveal the top 250 moments in sci-fi, fantasy and horror… as decided by YOU! Plus a free True Blood poster with every print edition!


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Transformers: Age of Extinction Early Show Starts Tomorrow!


The Transformers film series continues with this fourth entry from director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg. In the devastating aftermath of the fight for humanity, an enigmatic group strives to alter the course of history as an ancient force of evil plots the destruction of mankind. In order to defeat it, Optimus Prime (voice of Peter Cullen) and the rest of the Autobots must join forces with a new, resilient band of humans who will fight an epic battle that will determine the fate of the entire human race. Mark Wahlberg and Jack Reynor co-star. – Fandango