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Kids Learn with Pancakes

Nathan Shields is an illustrator and math teacher living in Washington state. While living in Saipan, he started a weekly breakfast tradition shared by many: making pancakes for his family. But Shields’ creations were no ordinary pancakes. Shields makes incredibly detailed creations that look just like different kinds of sharks, cephalopods, and even “Star Wars” characters. He shows his creations to the world on his blog, Saipancakes.

Each week, Shields unveils a new line of culinary creations that he uses to both educate and feed his family, and each week has a different science or sci-fi theme.

Shields creates dozens of different pancakes to represent the species or characters associated with that week’s theme, each crafted in exquisite finger-licking detail. There are tauntauns, jawas, and tusken raiders in the “Star Wars” collection, and hammerheads, great whites, and mako sharks for the shark theme. It’s pretty dang impressive and makes us wish we grew up in the Shields household.

So, what will this flapjack of all trades make next week? Maybe he’s decided already, but perhaps he’s, ahem, waffling a bit on it.

Source: CNET

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What Songs Do you Want Played at your Funeral?

A great funeral song is a tricky thing. Once you’ve kicked the bucket, do you want something classic that’ll make your survivors weep for you, or do you want to try and lighten the mood a little bit with something cheerier? Either way, this week’s Playlist Project focuses on what we’ll rock out to post-mortem.


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NYC Officials say City Could Withstand Godzilla Attack

NEW YORK, May 13 (UPI) –In advance of the latest Godzilla film hitting theaters in New York City on Thursday, city officials were asked if NYC could handle a real attack from the 350-foot-tall sea creature.

The Office of Emergency Management reviewed the damage that Godzilla could cause and decided that the city had learned enough from dealing with 9/11 and Hurricanes Irene and Sandy to handle the gigantic green lizard.

“Looking at this, we’d be thinking, ‘What would a Godzilla attack do?’ ” Office of Emergency Management Commissioner Joseph Bruno told the Daily News.

“Clearly it would cause fire, explosions, casualties, damage, debris, bridges and tunnels being out. Roads being out, power issues and some slime. Those are issues that we do deal with — except for the slime.”

Certain parts of the city would likely have to be evacuated so that jets and fighter planes, possibly from the U.S. Air Force, could be scrambled to help fight the gigantic monster.

“In the event of a Godzilla attack, we’d be looking at area evacuations,” Bruno said. “He’s a big guy, but he’s not going to overtake the entire city, so we would try to determine what sectors of the city had to be moved. We [would] move people to a hub area and try to move them, for example to the Bronx, which is less likely to be impacted.”

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