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Lost Worhol Works Found on Old Floppy Disks

A collection of Warhol works were uncovered in March on a set of old Amiga floppy disks, according to a press release by the Studio for Creative Inquiry (via BoingBoing). The files were eased off of the disks with help from the Carnegie Mellon Computer Club, a collective that specializes in dealing with old computer hardware.

The works were obtained from hardware that was sitting dormant in the Warhol Museum, including “two Amiga 1000 computers in pristine condition,” an “early drawing tablet,” and “a large collection of floppy diskettes comprised of mostly commercial software.”

The fact that the floppy disks contained commercial software as opposed to saved works initially disappointed the team. However, they soon discovered some original and signed works on a GRAPHICRAFT floppy after using a Kickstart ROM to boot the emulator. The images included drawings of flowers, a soup can, a self-portrait, and portraits of other individuals. “Much of the software of the era defaulted to (and in some cases only supported) saving files on the same disk as the software itself,” the Carnegie Mellon Computer Club wrote in its technical report.

The press release notes that the art was produced on a commission from Commodore International, the manufacturers of the Amiga, for Warhol to demonstrate the machine’s uses for art creation. The Amigas in question had labels warning that they were pre-production units not yet approved by the FCC, and “the drawing tablet appeared handmade.”

A fuller description of the technical process is available in PDF form, and a documentary film about the project will screen at the Carnegie Library Lecture Hall in Pittsburgh on May 10.


Source: Ars Technica

Amazon Prime Pantry

Jeff Bezos wants to feed you. No, really: Amazon’s latest venture is Prime Pantry, a service that allows you to have 45 pounds’ worth of household essentials, in everyday sizes, shipped to your door for $6.

The service, first rumored late last year, is available to Prime members and is now live in 48 states across the US. The $6 fee comes on top of your membership, but the products on offer are competitively priced, so for the convenience it’s almost certainly worth it.

To use the service, you just add a Prime Pantry item to your Cart. In turn, that starts a Prime Pantry box, which gradually fills as you shop. Based on the size and weight of each item, Amazon tells you how much space you have left of of your 45 pounds (or four cubic feet) or packaging space. In terms of what you can get, Amazon promises that it includes:

  • Coca Cola fridge pack and other soft drinks
  • Smartwater and Arrowhead bottled water
  • Lays potato chips, Pringles and Kettle chips
  • Single boxes of Cheerios, Corn Flakes and Kashi GoLean
  • Pantene shampoo, Dove and Ivory body wash
  • 6-pack of Bounty paper towels and Quilted Northern bath tissue
  • 100oz Tide laundry detergent and other laundry detergents

But there seems plenty more in there, too. Indeed, the selection really means that Amazon is taking on on warehouse store businesses like Costco and Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club. 45 pounds of Oreos, anyone? [Amazon Prime Pantry]


The Hobbit 3 Gets a New Name

From There And Back Again To The Battle Of The Five Armies

The third Hobbit film has a new subtitle. The trilogy closer formerly known as The Hobbit: There And Back Again is now The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies. Rumours of a name change were whizzing around the interwebs last week, with Into The Fire emerging as the front runner at the time. The news comes straight from the Kiwi’s mouth over on Peter Jackson’s Facebook page:

Our journey to make The Hobbit Trilogy has been in some ways like Bilbo’s own, with hidden paths revealing their secrets to us as we’ve gone along. “There and Back Again” felt like the right name for the second of a two film telling of the quest to reclaim Erebor, when Bilbo’s arrival there, and departure, were both contained within the second film. But with three movies, it suddenly felt misplaced—after all, Bilbo has already arrived “there” in the “Desolation of Smaug”.

When we did the premiere trip late last year, I had a quiet conversation with the studio about the idea of revisiting the title. We decided to keep an open mind until a cut of the film was ready to look at. We reached that point last week, and after viewing the movie, we all agreed there is now one title that feels completely appropriate. 

And so: “The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies” it is.

As Professor Tolkien intended, “There And Back Again” encompasses Bilbo’s entire adventure, so don’t be surprised if you see it used on a future box-set of all three movies.

Before then however, we have a film to finish, and much to share with you. It’s been a nice quiet time for us—Jabez and I happily editing away in a dark cave in Wellington—but those halcyon days are quickly coming to an end. It will soon be time to step into the light. Expect to see and hear much about The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in the coming months.

And there’s also The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Extended Cut, which we’re in the process of finishing, with over 25 mins of new scenes, all scored with original music composed by Howard Shore.

It’ll be a fun year!

As well as announcing that a final cut of the film has now been assembled Jackson also reveals that The Desolation Of Smaug extended cut will feature 25 minutes of new scenes with original music composed by Howard Shore.

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies UK release date is 12 December 2014.

Source: SFX