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One Last Bitch for the Road – Breaking Bad’s Finale

Breaking Bad’s Finale – Get More at Nerdist News

One Last Bitch for the Road – Did you catch last night’s finale of Breaking Bad? More importantly, do you feel prepared to back up your opinion with factoids and trivial knowledge from the cast and creators? Check out the Breaking Bad episodes of the podcast to revisit old friends Bryan CranstonVince Gilligan and Aaron Paul. OurBreaking Bad Recaps can fill you in on the items that left you scratching your shaved head. And, if the end of the show was too much for you, just watch the Breaking Badcast on All Star Bowling and pretend things didn’t go left for our favorite dysfunctional family/meth empire.

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Meteor Streaks Across Canadian Sky Video

Meteor Streaks Across Canadian Sky, Video Filmed by Dashboard Camera

Remarkable footage taken by a dashboard camera inside a Canadian Mountie’s patrol car captures a meteor hurtling through the sky in Alberta. Recorded last Saturday evening, the short video perfectly captures the bring fireball like object crossing the sky in northern Alberta.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer had been patrolling near the Hawk Hills area outside of Manning at the time. An independent astronomer later in Edmonton later confirmed the sighting.

Source: Telegraph

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Automate your Usenet Searches with Newshosting’s Newsreader

Automate your Usenet Searches…

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Newshosting Newsreader

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